Youth Ministries

The Youth Group at the Clarion First United Methodist Church is an extremely important ministry of our church.  We believe it is important to reach out to teenagers all over our community and help them be part of Christian Fellowship that so many times is missing while in school.  We believe that nurturing and guidance through these “tough” years can lead to very successful adult lives.  We believe that teaching them about Christ helps them make better decisions and form more meaningful relationships.   Well that is my perspective as the Youth Director because I was a member of this youth group long ago and it helped me build a foundation of loving Jesus that has carried through to this very day.  I love Jesus and I am constantly reminding them that Christ matters.  These youth matter.
This youth group always has a busy schedule.  We eat together (a lot).  We participate in fun stuff like bowling, laser tag, Sky Zone, Corn Mazes, Haunted Houses and the list goes on.  We meet every Sunday night in the Youth Room from 6:30pm to 8:30pm where we have a lesson and some free time together.
We help with various mission projects and our favorite is our Annual Habitat for Humanity Trip that we participate in every June (We always leave on Father’s Day – mark this important date in your calendar).  This mission trip has proven valuable clear back into the early 80’s when is was introduced.  The kids are passionate about helping people.  We always leave our mark in the communities that we serve.  These Work Camp experiences prove valuable to developing leaders, working with others and also learning the skills it takes to build or maintain a home.
Bottom line, We Love Our Youth.  If you are interested in attending or helping, please contact the Youth Director, Shelly Rhoades at 814-227-3173.