We welcome Memorial Donations in memory of loved ones and friends who have been an important part of your life and our community of Clarion.  The Trustees are responsible for review, approval, and acceptance of all gifts to the church.  This body has created a Memorial Committee that now fulfills that responsibility of oversight for most monetary memorial donations.  All donations should, therefore, be directed to the Memorial Committee with the name of the person in whose name it should be placed.

The donations may fall into one of two categories, i.e., designated or undesignated.  If the donation is designated toward a specific item, e.g., a new bell tower for the church, the Committee may choose to accept the gift; or it may suggest to the donor(s) another project if the requested item is not a part of the church’s vision and mission at this time.  Designated gifts are best directed toward FUMC’s publicly announced programs and projects that are already a part of the church’s vision and mission direction.

Undesignated Memorial Donations may also be made in memory of a friend or loved one.  Undesignated donations are given to the memorial fund with no specific designation; it will be used for a memorial item in the church where the money is most needed.

For more information, please contact our church office.